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Articles, Briefs & Abstracts

Note: The resources listed on this page have been provided by the author free of charge. You are free to download, copy, and distribute files for personal, academic, or church use provided it is done free of charge and without profit. For gainful usage, please contact Dr. Schmit to negotiate an arrangement. All content on this site remains under copyright of the author.

    Art for Faith's Sake
    Proclaiming the Gospel in Turbulent Times
    The Touring Church Choir: Sharing The Gospel Through Song
  Embodying Worship   The Healthy Church: Embodying Worship
  Embodying Worship   The Accidental Theologian: A Response to Jeremy Begbie's Theology, Music, and Time
  Embodying Worship   Sent and Gathered: A Musical Metaphor for a Missional Liturgy
  Embodying Worship   Lutheran Preaching and Mission
  Embodying Worship   The Living Word: Restoring Life to Scripture Reading in Worship
  Embodying Worship   Is There a Crisis in Preaching?